I’m passionate about creating stories and environments while being involved in the whole process with a special eye on detail, execution and organization.

Professional ​

Radeff Design Studios | San Francisco, CA                                                                                            

Project Manager and Events Producer

2019 - 2020

  • Serve as lead project manager through pre-planning, planning, production, and close-out of high-end events for private and corporate clients, including weddings, special events, birthdays, and personal celebrations.

    • Collaborate with client personnel and business owners to understand event needs, expectations, and scope of the proposal while following standardized procedures for event planning best practices and processes.  

    • Negotiate vendor contracts to exceed the client’s expectation of the visual presentation and design elements of each unique event, ensuring all supplies are acquired to deliver a completed project or event. 

    • Provide on-site oversight for event set-up and production, acting as the event manager to establish the goals for the day, troubleshoot issues, participate in the production of the event, and ensure a seamless production. 

  • Process event close-out reconciliation, reviewing each budget line item to report any variations or overages, incidents, vendor issues, etc as part of the final event reporting procedures. 


Mad Dog Presents and Blue Note Napa | New York, NY + Napa, CA                                      

Served concurrent business management and event production roles for two different companies under same ownership.


Associate Producer, 

Mad Dog Presents                                    

2017 - 2019

  • Assisted in the planning and production of ticketed events, outdoor festivals, and concerts and managed all aspects of business operations as the second-in-command to the owner. 

    • Assisted in all aspects of production for the marquee semi-annual “NYC Craft Beer Festival,” a ticketed event with over 20-editions and more than 6K attendees annually. 

    • Assisted in partnership with a team in UK for the production of the annual Coffee Festival - New York City edition, a worldwide ticketed event with more than 40K attendees annually around the globe.

    • Oversee contract and venue negotiation, F&B, security coordination, permitting, logistics, budgeting, and day-of production for events exceeding $200k in total budget.

    • As the budget manager, create individual event budgets and prepare final reporting and financial reconciliation to ensure all events operated with positive income. 

    • Manage customer inquiries, complaints, and feedback, elevating post-event concerns to the owner and responding to and addressing concerns directly as required.  

  • Provide venue research and location scouting services, review potential venues that fit the minimum requirements for the event and presenting them to the Director.


Associate Producer, 

Blue Note Napa                                                             

2017 - 2019

  • Facilitated the day-to-day operations of a unique and iconic dual-venue restaurant-entertainment facility known for hosting headline musical acts, up and coming Indie talent, high-end private events, parties, weddings, and more.

    • Led business operations, scheduling, contract negotiation, permits, logistics, vendor management, and budgeting while assisting with promotion, graphic creation, and ticketing for shows and events. 

      • Assisted in the production of musical performances, events, and special projects for acts such as Foo Fighters, Kenny G, Dennis Quaid & The Sharks and more.

    • Oversaw budgeting, financial reporting, and day-to-day cash flow management for the operation and for individual events. 

      • Created and implemented an internal business process to better track individual event financials, working with accounting to develop a code-specific method that improved event reconciliation.   

    • Managed administrative duties and tasks such as accounting and bookkeeping, credit card processing, daily communications, production book, labor direction, and overall site coordination. 


Freelance Producer | New York, NY    


Media and Event Projects                                                               

2016 - 2017

  • Assisted in the planning, execution, catering, and staffing of media and events focused on New York’s hospitality industry. 


Abril Group | Brazil                 


Awards and Events Producer                                                        

2013 – 2015

  • Jana was hired by Abril per project, and this project was producing the “Abril Publicity Awards” This company has magazines, websites, TV channel – MEDIA company. They hosted these annual “best of” awards program. This was an entirely promotional, marketing event – no income. Produced this event three consecutive years as a project/contract based. 

  • Manage self-nominating process, organize all of these submissions, call people from various agencies to vote on the winners. Would have a pre-event for live voting, online voting, etc. followed by the Award Ceremony for an average of 500 guests.


Freelance Producer | Brazil                    


Event and Video Production Projects                                  2012 - 2015

  • Assisted in the video production of a series of promotional and review videos geared towards auto enthusiasts and car buyers as a freelance video production assistant with Intake Films. 

    • Conducted interviews, gathered consumer testimonials, managed waiver signing and media permissions, facilitated crew scheduled, and worked on the set-up, filming, and breakdown of various productions. 







Bachelor Degree at SENAC São Paulo (Brazil)


Independent Coursework

Special Events Marketing Strategies  - NYU – New York


  • Project Management

  • Team Leadership

  • Venue and Location Scouting

  • Entertainment Management

  • Production and Logistics

  • Vendor Relations

  • Contract and Negotiations

  • Marketing

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Budget Management/Oversight

  • Financial Management

  • Operations Management

  • Film Production

  • Line Production

  • Entertainment Production

  • Event Production andManagement

  • Scheduling

  • Financial Reconciliation 

  • Process Improvement and  Implementation

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