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NYC Craft Beer Festival
Craft beer tasting from approximately 75 breweries and 150 craft beers, focused on seasonal and NY selections.
Approximately 3000 paid attendees on each season festival. Presented twice a year in  Manhattan, NY.​


1- Logo
2- Set up
3- Set Up
4- Set up
5- Event
6- Event


The New York Coffee Festival​

It is a New York’s flagship coffee event, celebrating the burgeoning specialty coffee scene in this great city. With exceptional coffee, as well as food, cocktails, live music and art on offer, it’s an unmissable event for coffee lovers of all levels.

2- Venue
3- Stage and Emcee
4- Catering
5- Catering
6- Venue
7- Attendees
8- Team
9- Concept Art
10- Voting Set Up
11- Voting Set Up
12- Voting Space
13- Voting Space
14 - Winners
15- Concept Design
16 - Stage
17 - Concept Art / Participants Book
18 - Voting
19 - Voting
20 - Voting
21 - Lounge
22 - Lounge
23 - Winner
24 - Trophies Display



The Abril Publicity Award is the one of the most respected Award of the Brazilian Advertisement business. The project honors the best advertisements of year ran onto Abril's outlets. It's based on subscription and has different categories, each one with its own voting system. A gala ceremony is held to reveal the prizewinners.

Outdoors Experience - Blue Note Napa
Outdoors Experience - Blue Note Napa


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